Sheltering orphans and their welfare is an age old practice well tried in human civilization. Though in an Islamic society, the problem of looking after orphans and the dispossessed one was not a major problem and they were easily absorbed, the necessity of Orphanages/ Yateem Khanas sprang up strongly in the aftermath of colonial past that we inherited with the changing times and advance in contemporary science & technology any modern orphanage has to move with the times.

This Yateem Khana is equipped with all the conceivable facilities like reading room, library, computers, sports infrastructures, health care facilities, etc. The girl students will grow up in a homely environment and endeavor will be on the upward thrust of their academic levels. To achieve this noble objective, the Khairiyah Trust(R) has chosen a peace-full area near chembugudde, very near to Hira Girls High School where the Yatheem Khana is situated. The institution will try to bridge the gap between the secular and religious learning's. It will provide a pathway to excel in academic learning while also fostering other innate talents of girl students.

Further the location provides an ideal educational infrastructure with many well established educational institutions and colleges. The institute also will have its own transport and escorting facilities for the students along with other amenities.

Prophet Mohammed (S.A.W) himself an orphan, emphasized the importance of looking after orphans well and giving them a future. At Khairiya Trust(R) we have taken it as a noble mission to shelter & educate girl children whose secure future will ensure bright future for the community. for this noble task we welcome the whole hearten co-operation of the community workers & other NGO's who are pursuing noble goals of education, social work, etc.

Khairiya -A noble dream has been realised within a short span of time. The construction of the Khairiya Shelter was completed within 6 months, well ahead of all expectations.In 2009 we started enrolling orphan & poor girls from Dakshina.